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Frequently Asked Questions


What is cremation?
Cremation is a process where the pet’s remains are exposed to intense heat. Through heat and evaporation, the remains are reduced to the body’s basic elements. The cremated remains (or basic elements) are what is commonly referred to as “cremains”. They are odorless, sterile, weigh only a fraction of the pet’s original weight, and can be safely stored indefinitely.

Is individual cremation expensive?
Most people are surprised at how reasonable the price is for an individual pet cremation.  Pet cremation is roughly one tenth of the price of a human cremation. The cost of pet cremation is determined by the size of the pet and the options that are chosen at the time of cremation. These options range from a communal cremation without the return of cremated remains, to a full private cremation. We will always tell you the full price at the time.

Will you work with my Veterinarian?
We would be pleased to assist your veterinarian with your pets after-care. We are available to work with any veterinarian or directly with the pet owner .

May I inspect the facilities where my pet's aftercare will be performed?
Yes. A compassionate member of our staff can assist in giving you and your family a tour of our facility and provide answers to any questions that you may have.

If I choose private cremation, can I be present during the actual cremation process?
Yes. Paws @ Rest allows pet owners the time and privacy to say good bye to their life long companion.

How long does the actual cremation process take?
It varies, but generally between 45 minutes and 2 hours.

If I choose not to be present during my pet's private cremation, how can I be sure that the cremated remains I receive are those of my pet?
At Paws @ Rest we manage our private cremation service through a pet identification and manifest system that ensures the authenticity of the cremation you receive. We then certify the cremation with a cremation certificate that accompanies your pet's cremated remains.

How do I receive my pets cremated remains after the process is complete?
All cremated remains are returned to their owner in either an urn that you have selected, or our basic urn. The urn is placed in our presentation bag, along with the certificate of cremation.

If I choose not to memorialize my pet with private cremation, what is done with the cremains after the communal cremation?
The cremated remains are scattered in our Paws @ Rest Scattering Garden.

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